Kayte Murphy Art

About the Artist

"When I was a young girl I was obsessed with horses. I would draw horses non stop, spending absolutely hours doing it. Perhaps it was the 1970’s version of x-box.

Sadly, drawing horses did not lead me to excel academically in later years, and so I took up writing and enjoyed moderate success as an author, blogger and columnist. But still, no requirements for horse drawing.

During Covid I did not enjoy home schooling the kids so I took up drinking as a way to pass the time. Now THIS, I excelled at!

I was so good at it, Like gold star, expert level unlocked achievements.

They tried to make me go to rehab, so I eventually said “Oh alright…” I was introduced to art therapy and we got along like a house on fire.

So in the Spring of 2021, I put down the Pinot and picked up a paintbrush. I swapped trips to Dan Murphy’s to perusing the aisles of Art Supply stores and so here we are. And I could not be happier about this turn of events.

It’s nice to meet you."