Humidity Lifestyle

After a long and magical journey of working with major brands, the hubby and I packed up the kids and made a sea change to the Margaret River region in Western Australia, a hot-spot holiday destination where the “lifestyle” is one of the secret ingredients to this happy place. 
We believed we could change things up, by mixing work with pleasure and so Humidity Lifestyle was born.

After a lifetime in fashion and a changing world on so many levels, it got me thinking… I should create a range of sustainable fashion that crossed over our lifestyle choices. Styles not for one occasion or destination, but many. Work, every day, travel, and holiday pieces we would reach for over and over, that would eventually wear out before we had the chance to throw them out. Relaxed, on trend fashion we could mix and match to most of our lifestyle choices sprinkled with a touch of “holiday essence”.
Real sustainability is found in pieces you wear from one occasion and one season to the next.
Buying a linen shirt that you can wear to work, throw over your jeans on the weekend and take on holiday - makes sense. The time has come, to stop filling our cupboards with pieces we only wear some of the time and think quality over quantity.

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